News Item: AerialDrop v0.5.9
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Posted by rgk
01/06/17 at 08:49:10.

Beta is coming soon!
Looking to optimize maps and redraw them, they will be getting smaller for performance.

  • Mechs are now flush with slopes, the angle was recalculated!
  • Added support for badges, in the garage and in-game above the username.
  • Added more labels and icons to the garage page.
  • Updated loader so it shows a random tip / information, similar to a lot of other games.
  • Updated selection screen fonts.
  • Added ping to the scorecard so you can see other user's ping.
  • Chat size is more dynamic, might be too small for mobile.
  • Chat now fades out if no new messages are written and flashes when a new message shows up.
  • Scorecard got updated with lvl data, organized better now.
  • Textarea fields auto expand now, noticeable on the settings page.
  • New shadow under the mechs.
  • General optimization on the game, it runs faster on mobile!
  • Major code clean up and organization, helping optimization.
  • New death alert when a mech dies.
  • Stores how many times you use random as a new stat.
  • Updated header border to make the text stand out more.
  • Fixed a bug on practice that you would be stuck facing left.
  • Made it so rounds don't change if your mech is falling, waits until you hit the ground.
  • Visually updated the waiting list fonts.
  • Fixed bug so when you refresh and sandbox starts, proper logic is setup.
  • Made it so in-game chat messages are your label color and it is above the new badge.
  • Added security so the game and functions are only accessible from -link-


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