News Item: AerialDrop v0.5.7
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Posted by rgk
12/11/16 at 05:31:13.

This update specifically tests quite a few things, while also generally improving everything. I am looking into getting outside help and hopefully will be improving the art drastically soon.

  • Rank pagination has been improved.
  • Increased visual blast radius.
  • Added extra blast particles to the bunker shot.
  • Increased accuracy of the aim ticks.
  • Tutorial messages get removed on screen click, instead of a next button.
  • Stormbolt's ultimate has been changed to be like chain lightning, now with only two additional combos instead of three.
  • Improved mini-map camera view box, its more accurate.
  • Optimized the game by removing a bunch of unused code.
  • Upgraded to Phaser CE 2.7.2 and updated quite a few other server packages.
  • Changed tab color and added an inset shadow on the play menu and manual.
  • Fixed it so mobile always starts with low settings and the proper notification of Low (mobile) in the game menu.
  • New fuller space ground.
  • Made the fireworks slightly more visible.
  • Added steel particles to the mech death explosion.
  • Upgrades now go to level 6 and have been slightly improved.
  • Increased mech health pretty intensely, clearly shows who is more tank vs sniper.
  • Increased the opacity of the chat slightly, easier to view.
  • The mech randomly drops left or right starting position now, instead of always right.
  • More of the reward logic is done on the server for security reasons.
  • Improved Scorecard header.


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