News Item: AerialDrop v0.5.5
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Posted by rgk
11/23/16 at 23:57:45.

Took awhile to release this because I kept wanting to add more and had work. Hopefully I have all the features correct, might be missing a few minor things.

  • Phaser 2.7.0 (aka Phaser CE)
  • Added mech explosions when they get killed.
  • Synced and improved special point consistency.
  • Increased the damage implosions do.
  • Added pbots to sandbox.
  • New barrier.
  • Numerous optimizations.
  • Nicer profiles.
  • Nicer play button.
  • Nicer modals.
  • Special defaults to 200 now.
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Total damage is now recorded on the result screen.
  • Updated Geddon's look.
  • Reduced the intensity of the flash on bullet impact.
  • Improved form validation.


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