News Item: AerialDrop v0.5.4
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Posted by rgk
11/14/16 at 00:19:31.

A smaller then normal update as of lately, but it had some really nice additions that just make the game feel solid.

  • Chat now shows exactly how much damage you just did.
  • New identification of what power you used last shot, in form of a red tick mark.
  • Updated bombards number two shot to have more spread.
  • Increased header font-sizes.
  • Increased the amount of combos Geddon and Icebreaker have by breaking up and slightly nerfing their ultimate shots.
  • Pbots now show on the minimap during practice mode.
  • Tweened score screen, looks better.
  • Added more meta tags for mobile support.
  • Bunch of server upgrades for stuff like node-sass

We are nearing a beta release, if anyone would like to review AerialDrop, please contact me.


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