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Will you be partying on December 21st, 2012? rgk 02/10/12 to 12/23/12
What game are you most looking forward to in 2011? Blaze 01/03/11 to 02/10/12
Favorite Style of Music to Listen to? Blaze 01/21/10 to 01/03/11
If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Blaze 07/22/09 to 01/21/10
How Many Hours Do You Put Into Gaming Each Day? Chef C.M.O 05/01/09 to 07/22/09
Who would you vote for President? Chef C.M.O 10/20/08 to 05/01/09
Do you think should take a nap? Chef C.M.O 10/01/08 to 10/20/08
Do you like Chef C.M.O 09/02/08 to 10/01/08
Which thread do you like the most? Chef C.M.O 08/01/08 to 09/02/08
Whould you like to see Bangbros (MadGizmo clan) expand to other games? Chef C.M.O 07/02/08 to 08/01/08
Witch operating-system you like the most? Chef C.M.O 06/01/08 to 07/02/08
Do you think Sega should start making consoles again? Chef C.M.O 05/02/08 to 06/01/08
Whould you like to see a MadGizmo restaurant? Chef C.M.O 04/01/08 to 05/02/08
What do you think we should work on the most? Chef C.M.O 03/01/08 to 04/01/08
What widget toolkit do you prefer? Chef C.M.O 12/22/07 to 03/01/08
Do you like Pirates or Ninjas better? Chef C.M.O 01/17/07 to 12/22/07
What are your views on trading freedom for safty? rgk 09/15/06 to 01/17/07
What next-gen system will you get? rgk 05/10/06 to 09/15/06
What is your favorite type of game? rgk 10/24/05 to 05/10/06
Do you think people should be able to collect and sell domains? rgk 10/24/05 to 05/10/06

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