Web Development
We have both great artists and programmers who can help you with your website.
Our designs utilize the greatest and newest technologies like Bootstrap and jQuery.
This includes creating themes for most Content Management Systems.
The website is made for you, completely custom and unique web design.
$80 Hourly Rate or
$400 minimum* for package pricing.
You get one week of support for changes (not a redesign) after it is finished.

PHP & Node.js Programming
One of the things we do best! Programming logic, design, and optimization.
We code with security and organization in mind so no worries about the next programmer having an issue with understanding our code!
$60 Hourly Rate
You get two weeks of support for any script or code we produce.

Specific Front-end Development & Interactive JavaScript Programming
Sometimes needing the full design team isn't necessary, and you just need some obvious code changes.
Ever since Flash has died out, HTML 5 / JavaScript interaction has been very important to us.
We have experience with libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, Phaser, WebSockets and I can keep going on. (just ask!)
Did I also mention we have a fully functional online game?
$50 Hourly Rate
You get two weeks of support for any script or code we produce.

Graphic Design
We create minimalist designs, but we help present a presence with our graphics.
Everything we create is completely unique and made in house, unless expressed, it is all original.
We will work with you to create the graphic you want.
$25 Hourly Rate

CMS Management & Help
Do you use one of these? [ Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, e107, Magento ] or just ask, we might be able to help you out! Need a site moved? Need the software upgraded? Need some basic help? We have had experience with almost all popular content management systems so we can explain the functionality with the software you use and issues you may have deploying your idea.
$20 Hourly Rate**

*25% upfront for security of payment reasons.

**When moving a website or upgrading, if you have custom code changes (code change to the core, not a plugin) or a large site (2 GB+), rate will increase.

Contact me at -email- for a quote!

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