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rgk, 06/10/14 at 13:34:46.

MadGizmo Banners!

These are a few MadGizmo banners, for everyone with websites out their that would like to help send a message, later on we will give something to people with banners. Please copy and paste the code to the banner you would like into your website. Add the source of each image or download your own and add the source from your own site in src="".

  1. <a href="http://www.madgizmo.com/"><img src="" alt="MadGizmo" boarder="0"></a>







(250x250) Thanks to Terminator.

(263x291) Thanks to Fox.

MadGizmo Userbars!

We currently only have one userbar but we should get more, when on forums or anywhere use it!

Thanks to Terminator.

MadGizmo Iphone / Ipod Touch icon

MadGizmo Red - #bf3030
MadGizmo Blue - #308fbf
MadGizmo Green #55bf30
MadGizmo Purple #bf30bf

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