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We are an independent team called MadGizmo based on Long Island, New York. Our goal is to do what we do, nothing more or less. We support open source projects and believe in freedom of all kinds, including software. We are a very dedicated team, starting basically from scratch to hopefully become a well known name.

The History

Early in 2005, the idea for MadGizmo began with rgk. That idea was to create a small online community that started with rgk, Blaze and Gizmo. We just wanted to make some small flash animations and simple video games but nothing big. We then searched for the perfect name for our efforts and website. After 7 (very) long months of thinking and dealing with domain squatting, we finally figured out MadGizmo was the name for us. The name came about by accident when rgk and Gizmo were going over names the morning of August 6th. Gizmo misheard and thought rgk said "MadGizmo", and the search was over from their. On August 7th, 2005 the domain MadGizmo.com was officially registered. Then we slowly worked towards a progressing website. As time went on our intentions grew and we wanted to move away from the small ideas. We started to concoct bigger projects that we could work on as a team and incorporate a community around it. As our team increased, so did our list of ideas. No projects went past the design stage throughout the year, but we did get a decent website up using e107. As rgk worked on the website we also went through many different designs changes, until we were satisfied with the look. The downside was the reality of all the work that was needed and how difficult our goals will be. Though, we were still determined and hoping for the future.

The year 2006 was an interesting one. We didn't get much work done but, still consider it a pretty productive year. The sites look changed a couple of times over the year and we got some of our core projects off the ground. We worked on a simple flash game for a while called Gizmo: The Flash Game but, we scrapped it because it wasn't worth the production time. Our team started working on our biggest project to date called MGE. We were looking for volunteers most of 2006 to help with our projects. We didn't have much luck in that department.

In early 2007, we registered MadGizmo.org and upgraded to a dedicated server to get away from the restrictions of shared hosting. MadGizmo.org was built with community in mind. It was meant to host more resources for the community and to give a more tools to users. MadGizmo.org hosts the wiki (MediaWiki), Git (Gitweb) and a few others tools to help the end user contribute. Our main goal was to work on MGE by making a basic design document and work on the GTK+ GUI. Sadly in November most of our forum posts were deleted due to an accidental administration button push by rgk. Although, we bounced back and got our forums back to normal by the end of the year. We worked on developing a team but it was difficult finding skilled motivated help. We were hoping for a more productive year but MadGizmo goes on.

In 2008, the team started off some what productive and got some ideas in circulation. The download section of the site was finally populated and work on MGE continued. We also worked on a lot of side projects this year, which just might of stalled our main goals. One of these goals was to finish up all tasks on the overview page and to get more of our members involved in the site. Eventually we got rid of our dedicated server for a cheaper solution, our goals weren't worth the expenses and no one wanted to help rgk with the cost. In October, we fully moved over to Linode. We started working on the MGE element database which was finished by early 2009. The site went under some renovation during the course of the year and, we added more wallpapers to be downloaded. The team goal was to try and finish off the year on a productive note and get some of our projects running.

This year started off different than any of the previous ones because we were less focused on MadGizmo and more on our own lives. Though, midway through the year we joined together and thought up a new browser game. The game was to be called SpaceDust and is text based. One of our other plans was to make more guides to help the online community and to spread MadGizmo more around the net. We also planned to make more news articles to keep our members updated on our activities. Late in September founding member Gizmo and admin C.M.O. left the team. We will never know why but, their contributions were important to get us to this point. We finished the year off with rgk getting SpaceDust partially up and running.

The year started and continued with the development of SpaceDust. In May, we created a MadGizmo Folding@home team. Rewriting of SpaceDust's code started around September while the game had already included some core game play and account features.

So far the year is starting off good, continued work the rewrite of SpaceDust. Overall we took a different direction and started on a creative note. SpaceDust is in continued development but the development drastically slowed down during 2011. Around September rgk finished the rewrite of SpaceDust using OOP, added some interesting features, including a PDO Abstraction Class. Also the Folding@Home plugin was written by rgk.

The year started slow, we worked on a few ideas and projects under the hood. Early in the year continued work on SpaceDust was waning so we moved to more creative outlets. We started working on film and music production, rgk worked on scripts and equipment/software. We mainly started focusing on client work while still being active in the open-source community.

In May, we started our studio over at studio.MadGizmo.com for our music and film production. Also rgk revamped MadGizmo.org with a new design, added two new backgrounds and a bug tracker using Mantis Bug Tracker. This also included fixing our git repos by utilizing gitolite.

The year started off with ideas for new projects and getting more involved again. Around May development on SpaceDust started again! But because of the game market being saturated with games like this, rgk decided to stop and move on to other ideas. Also, MGDBA saw the light of day and has been released over in our gitolite repo! The redesign of studio.madgizmo.com was started in August and by the end of the year was mostly complete.

This year started right away with a new project. AerialDrop is a HTML 5 and JavaScript based web browser 2D turn-based mech game. It is currently being developed with a Node.js server and the Phaser game engine. In August we started releasing the game to the public.

Around June 2016 we completely redid our server, upgrading to nginx from lighttpd and improving a lot of aspects, mainly for AerialDrop. AerialDrop is nearing completion as our first major work. We also improved the studio.madgizmo.com to showcase more of our abilities.

AerialDrop will be coming out this year!

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