AerialDrop v0.5.8

Wrapping up 2016!
So this has been a delayed upgrade. I am currently in the process of a major art upgrade, but here is a nice holiday update!

  • New Gradient background in-game.
  • Changed all the trails for new mechs.
  • Optimized trail effects.
  • Added more upgrade levels but reduced how much is given per level. (they go to level 10 now)
  • Chat is more transparent when not active.
  • All the yellow timers look much nicer.
  • Updated the about page with more mech stats.
  • Started adding event logic, for future use.
  • Reduced numerous ultimate shots.
  • Updated the profile, specifically awards.
  • Optimized quite a few internal functions.
  • Updated the stand during mech selection.
  • Level shows up in more places during a match.
  • Updated webfontloader and logic so it is always loaded before the game. (bug with mobile mostly)
  • Updated a bunch of server logic.
  • Optimized webpage for faster loading.
  • Updated garage page with more icons.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

I also produced a standalone client, but I'm not releasing that to the public yet.

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