New Game: MadSheen

So while working on SpaceDust, I ended up with some extra time to work on a Charlie Sheen inspired game.
It will feature Charlie Sheen and his entourage of porn stars and drugs. (Do drugs count as an entourage? in MadSheen they do!)

You will fly, fight and snort your way through numerous levels in the streets of Los Angeles. Play in his magical world produced by the effects of slowly losing everything while being high on coke. Power-ups include Crack, Cocaine, hell any drug... and warlock mana pools! Weapons include, car, switch blade, hypodermic needle, yourself and a bunch of auras that can be enabled like: Get The Fuck AWAY FROM ME! or I'm Fucking High!

Fly, stab and spin your way to victory in this fast paced romantic action game! Never again will you understand why this made sense the first time you read it, but it will. Charlie Sheen don't worry, now everyone can get a better perspective on your life, from your eyes (of awesomeness)!

As your adventure continues, you will be faced against the evil empire of the Warner Bros. Who will win?!

Expected Release: April Fools.
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