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AerialDrop v0.5.3

Cool effects and rematches!
New President, new update...

  • Wind controlled particle effects!
  • Fixed camera grab on desktop so it doesn't get stuck to your pointer if you right click.
  • Add rematch feature.
  • Optimized particle effects!
  • Low setting now disabled more particle effects.
  • Barrier and teleport effects have been updated.
  • Optimized and visually improved all map particle effects like rain etc...
  • Updated rank page, looks nicer and better format.
  • Smoother tweens after a bullet explodes.
  • Nicer notification tweens.
  • Updated a bunch of server packages and node.js itself.

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AerialDrop v0.5.2

New effects and feel!
New release and a bunch of nice looking features, AerialDrop just keeps looking better!

  • New Scrollbar! (Webkit Browsers Only)
  • New error / warning manager and logging.
  • New barrier effect!
  • Nicer teleport effect using blend effects.
  • Nicer smoke trail effect using blend effects.
  • Nicer explosion circles using blend effects.
  • Nicer explosion with dark smoke and blend effects.
  • Optimized fireworks.
  • Updated controls about shooting.
  • Guest accounts work differently, it starts with sandbox mode and moves you into a match if available.
  • More server optimization specifically with only using asynchronous functions.
  • Node-sass upgrades.

Make sure to clear your cache if you have played before.

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AerialDrop v0.5.1

New accessories and flare!
So small but nice update here:

  • New accessories!
  • Updated explosion and teleport effect.
  • Userlist no longer shows until chat is prompt.
  • Barrier label updated.
  • Chat now shows which specific shot you shot.
  • Fireworks got improved.
  • Updated manual with information about accessories.
  • Server optimization.


We are looking at a 0.6.0 BETA release!
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AerialDrop v0.5.0

Tons of awesome new particle effects.
So v0.5.0 is pretty beast. New explosion effects, new teleport effect, nicer heal effect. And like always tons of little fixes.

  • New explosions! They look freaking awesome!
  • Blast radius circle is much more transparent.
  • New teleport effect!
  • Adjusted fonts for smaller devices, they don't get as small now.
  • No longer need to double click on mobile devices.
  • New mobile control buttons.
  • Mobile interaction has changed, only buttons show when they have current function.
  • Updated the about page with Underwater map and more details.
  • Optimized map particles effects like rain etc...
  • Fixed bug where wind didn't visually show the that you now had less special points.
  • New combo alerts to tell you how many are left.
  • Reduced how intense the shake was.
  • A new firework effect used during a Aerial Drop!!! shot.
  • Centered and raised the barrier label.

AerialDrop is getting real close to a BETA release!

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AerialDrop v0.4.9

New transitions!
The final touch ups of the 0.4.x branch.

  • New transitions.
  • New loading bar at the start of the game. Prevents flickering between stages.
  • Centered result screen timer.
  • Optimization on the selection screen.
  • Positioned accessories better.

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AerialDrop v0.4.8

Accessories finally!
So we got accessories, you set them in the Garage and then they pop up in game!

Yup, its cool and you will be seeing more and more pop up.

Eventually we will feature premium skins and accessories.

  • Accessories!
  • Moved up username and health values above mech in game to show accessories better.
  • More mobile friendly font sizes, all fonts shrink for smaller screen devices.
  • Garage collection optimization in game.
  • Server optimization specifically with express.js stuff and a node.js upgrade!
  • Added quick transition animation to the loading bar.
  • Updated waiting room text.

Posted by rgk on 10/23/16 at 18:41:15. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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