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New Game: MadSheen
So while working on SpaceDust, I ended up with some extra time to work on a Charlie Sheen inspired game.
04/01/11 at 08:35:10. 0
10/09/10 at 16:31:57. 1
Rusty The Snowman
The best dog has left this world today.
07/29/10 at 20:09:06. 2
MadGizmo's 4th Anniversary Is Coming Up
4 whole fucking years.
08/04/09 at 19:19:18. 1
Im leaving for Europe on the 9th!
07/07/09 at 19:41:39. 1
School is OVER!
2009, fuck yeah!
06/11/09 at 19:05:06. 3
MadGizmo Has To Go Down (April Fools)
Bye. (April Fools)
04/01/09 at 15:13:21. 0
A Seemless Merge
There was no downtime and the new server is running just as fast as the last one! (if not faster)
10/11/08 at 03:34:05. 1
She's Going Down!
The server is going down and we are switching to Linode.
10/09/08 at 23:38:39. 0
Its Offical...
We are getting rid of the dedicated server, hopefully going to a VPS.
10/07/08 at 11:44:10. 0
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