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AerialDrop v0.2

Some final touches.
Here we go! We are out of the 0.1.x branch and onto the next.
Got a post in Phaser World! -link-

This update really went back to the basics, no more features. We have to put that final polish to the game.

Also did I mention we bought the domain.


yup its official. We also have had quite a few people signing up and hopefully we can get a consistent amount of players so no one plays in a empty server.

What was changed:
  • Bounding box calculations have been fixed on bullets.
  • Damage balancing on buzzer and sludge.
  • Fixed private match issues, its working great now!
  • Adding sewage drips to the Sewer level.
  • While selecting a mech, the card now shows a image of the mech.
  • Much nicer smoke trails.
  • When you take damage your mech will smoke more and more.
  • Tons of bug fixes.
  • New play button.

Sorry, its exciting.
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AerialDrop v0.1.9

Privacy and particles!
So we finally got some new features coming through.

We added private matches, just check private and add a password. It doesn't show up in the queue and no one will get in without the password.
This is so just in case people are queuing matches so fast you can't get a good match going with a friend, well now you can.

Improvements listed below:
  • Smoother tank movement.
  • Atmospheric improvements! (snow on the Ice map etc...)
  • Bullet trails!
  • Tank smoke.
  • More particles in general.
  • Your power doesn't erase until your next turn.
  • Ultimate shots have improvements.
  • More messages, for example it informs you if the match you tried to join was full or if you entered the wrong password for a match.
  • Numerous balancing issues, generally increasing damage.
Posted by rgk on 05/18/16 at 08:14:46. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.1.8

A more polished result.
So we posted around. Specifically: -link-

We also got a landing page: -link-

AerialDrop is basically done! Very few bugs atleast.

  • Special moves got revamped.
  • New graphics! (mostly ultimate moves)
  • Fixed people joining a match after everyone leaves.
  • The result screen only lasts for a minute before the match gets reset.
  • Nicer use of colors and fonts once again!
  • Rounds are properly counted.
  • And tons of little bugs fixed.
Posted by rgk on 05/06/16 at 06:05:00. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.1.7

Minor but nice non-the-less!
So, after the last update I really wanted to focus on all the things we changed.

  • Fonts and colors changed all over the place! And I made it much easier for me to change it on the fly. All timers change colors so on.
  • Bunch of icons all over the place to try and make things nicer.
  • Nicer buttons, and now we have numerous button colors.
  • Nicer volume control, helped by the nicer buttons.
  • Numerous bug fixes, for example with double shot now following the second bullet.
  • New game mode: 3p FFA ( 3 Player Free-For-All )
  • A few grounds have been updated and the sewer map got more detail.
  • Power and fuel don't instantly reset so you can see what they were.
  • Turn bug fixed, so that if you were alive turning the start of the turn but died, you don't get to go next.
  • Starting timer doesn't reset to 5, stays at 0 when transitioning.
  • Private messages reminds you if someone isn't logged in.
  • Personal happyness: cleaner code!

Sounds like a big update but not much is going to pop out. I guess thats what the end of game development feels like.
Posted by rgk on 05/04/16 at 06:40:55. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.1.6

Biggest update yet!

I present AerialDrop v0.1.6 and the reason for its lengthy release is all the new maps!

Completely updated and I got to say they look pretty nice!

As said with the last update, maps got much bigger, so redrawing each map took a lot of time and I promised I wouldn't update versions until they are done.
So just because I'm a bit ADHD, we jumped around a lot while trying to work on maps and tons of things have been added!

  • New HUD! Everything fits together now, its a much more compact hud.
  • Ultimate moves! They cost 800 special and they might need some balance but we welcome one more more to the arsenal.
  • A lot of bug fixes! I notice barely any issues in test scenarios but if anyone notices anything please contact me!
  • Balance and tweaks! A lot of move dynamics changed, like the rolling shots now have a static amount of time to exist.
  • More game modes! 4vs4, 8p FFA! More people per match!
  • Private messages! Read about in the manual which also got updated!
  • Physics changed a little, gravity is higher and wind effects bullets a little less.
  • Color changes!

We are getting ready for a beta release, so stay tuned and check out -link- which has vines of our development.
Posted by rgk on 04/25/16 at 21:29:58. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.1.5

Here it goes again... (not April Fools)
So we have done a lot.

Most importantly, the maps are HUGE now. No more cutting off your spectacular aerial shot.

Reason I've been a little delayed, since v0.1.5 came out a few days ago, is that not all the maps work. Currently the only fully working map is space.
When v0.1.6 comes out, all maps will be working again.

So onto the list:
  • Teams fully work again! (not sure if teams actually worked before)
  • Fast cameras! The longer you move the camera the faster it goes. This helps you explore the new huge maps.
  • Map interaction has expanded, you can now climb up pretty angled slopes.
  • Cool map shake when bullets explode.
  • Nicer HUD, like nicer fonts, better use of color, more gradients and shadows!
  • Damage balancing.
  • Chat messages show in-game above your mech.
  • And did I mention huge maps!
Posted by rgk on 04/01/16 at 01:51:05. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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