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AerialDrop v0.4.7

Underwater Map and Optimization!
So the game was running slower, and I wasn't sure why besides the fact that I kept adding more features. Well what ended up happening is old optimizations.
I also added a Underwater map!

  • New Underwater Map!
  • Game runs much faster by removing old tweaks. Huge performance gains.
  • Moves default to one unless shot number two after turn is finished.
  • New orientation screen if you leave landscape during mobile play.
  • Sludge's number two bounce shot does more damage every bounce.


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AerialDrop v0.4.6

Visual Updates and More!
Small update with a bunch of nice fixes.

  • Asks if you want to leave match if you click footer links.
  • Shows AerialDrop version news via RSS on home page once you login.
  • Optimized smoke effect.
  • Optimized the aim arrow.
  • Possibly optimized game physics.
  • Sludge's ultimate spins now.
  • All timers are bigger.
  • The game canvas now has a blue border.
  • In-game header got updated with a border to look better on certain backgrounds.

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AerialDrop v0.4.5

All combos done and some fixes!
So the last update started adding combos, and this one finishes it up. They aren't fully completely and they might change but each mech's ultimate features a combo.

  • All Mech Ultimate's feature a combo.
  • Fixes to existing combos for Bombard and Geddon.
  • Updated practice timer text to look nicer.
  • Moved the chat up a little so it doesn't overlap over the HUD.
  • Fixed and issue when you spam a combo that it shot an extra shot.
  • Optimized the special bar to increase performance.
  • Optimized mech death.
  • Lowered the amount of special points you get for shooting someone.
  • Updated the about page and manual regarding combo shots.
  • Removed some legacy code.
  • Updated Node.js!

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AerialDrop v0.4.4

Combos and more!
So a new feature we implemented: Combos! Combos makes ultimate shots harder to execute and more unique. I noticed games of this genre don't have this feature, specifically because it is hard to implement with networked play, but we got it! Bombard and Geddon are the only mechs to utilize this so far, but all will have one. After you shoot the ultimate shot, you press spacebar or shoot on mobile again and extra things happen, for example you can shoot too extra missiles with Bombard's ultimate if you press space twice.

  • Ultimate Combos Implemented.
  • Special bar updates on the fly, no more delay.
  • Distance arrows disappear when you die.
  • 3p FFA selection screen works correctly now.
  • Attack button resets happen right before your turn.
  • Wind change resets to the 1 attack after shot.
  • Collision detection was slightly modified.

I will look into doing some optimizations again, noticing some slightly lowered performance after this update and the last.

Posted by rgk on 10/13/16 at 16:02:50. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.4.3

Bug fixes!
Not the most interesting release, but a bunch of bugs were fixed. It has to be done sooner or later.

  • Fixed mech selection tweens from not working if the order was not as users joined.
  • Result screen text got moved down so it doesn't overlap the turn timer and wind.
  • Result screen timer now is tweened.
  • Fixed buzzers ultimate to do more damage and the hole it digs is not as deep.
  • Damage smoke disappears when mech gets destroyed.
  • New profile awards for finishing off each upgrade and an award total.
  • Fixed issue where mech could go into the move horizontally into the ground.
  • Made the practice timer text slightly transparent.
  • In-game chat text gets word-wrapped now.
  • Updated font on front page carousel.
  • Updated game list to look nicer.

Posted by rgk on 10/09/16 at 10:06:16. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.4.2

The polish.
So this update came to be, because there were a bunch of little things I really needed to clean up and make nicer.
And that is exactly what I did.

  • New result screen, it doesn't switch to another scene, its part of the game!
  • Fixed defaults on the queue menu, it no longer remembers your last selection but doesn't visually show you.
  • Updated Stormbolt's cloud.
  • Re-positioned buzzer's cannon.
  • You can now see the chat much better!
  • Optimized the game, slower FPS during the start but more consistent FPS during.
  • Fixed a few tween issues on the new selection screen.
  • Added welcome message in the main chat.
  • Fixed in-game chat to not cut off the top of the last chat message you can see.
  • Made the userlist look nicer.
  • Your level shows before your username, and closer.
  • Updated the about page with new visuals and more information!
  • Updated the landing page.
  • Updated jQuery.

Yup, a bunch of little things and most likely more that I forgot about!

Posted by rgk on 10/07/16 at 04:16:27. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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