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AerialDrop Ad

Snazzy stuff.
Check it out, print it if you want!
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AerialDrop v0.2.8

Explosions, implosions and cool menus!
Not the biggest list but big changes!

  • In-game menu looks a lot nicer.
  • The volume settings now fit on really small screens.
  • The play menu has been reorganized, looks much nicer.
  • Explosions! Its not as hard to do damage, as the explosion gives you some range now
  • First timers get greeted with a message on where to go to learn how to play.
  • Updated Bootstrap and to jQuery 3.

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AerialDrop v0.2.7

Looking better and better!
So finally we got the name of the game, in the game!
AerialDrop shots are what it is all about!
Otherwise fixing bugs.

  • Smoke effect looks really nice, still needs some optimization for slower devices.
  • Bombard's ultimate got a bug fixed that would crash the game if the first bullet got destroyed before the second.
  • Nicer heal effect and new teleport effect.
  • Low quality makes mobile work perfect again!
  • Main chat notification got fixed of any bugs.
  • More text located around the site, on pages like signup and forgot password.
  • Garage now tells you maxed level, at maxed level, instead of just giving an error if you tried after the max level.
  • The cannon arrow shows only during your turn now.
  • Quite a lot of node upgrades, including node.js itself.
  • Tons of accessibility tags have been added to links.
  • New AerialDrop shot, which gets triggered when your bullet passes the top of the map. Does insane damage if you can land it!

Posted by rgk on 07/18/16 at 21:48:32. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.2.6

Bugs and maintence, needed to be done!
So Phaser upgrade to 2.6.0 and it seems to make the game run even better!

We also added some new information for you to check on.

  • Upgrade to Phaser 2.6.0 and fixed any issues that came from the upgrade.
  • Smoke looks nicer, still tweaking it!
  • New email verification and proper error messages are given.
  • Input fields now tell you when your about to type too much!
  • Better user list, which shouldn't duplicate users because of lag.
  • More hotkeys for fullscreen and the menu! N and M respectively.
  • In-game menu now tells you the controls!
  • Major damage balancing.
  • Better use of shadows site wide.

Unrelated we made a Facebook page if you want to "like" it!
Posted by rgk on 07/09/16 at 04:56:08. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.2.5

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhh!
So yeah I've been waiting for this version, just because the ver #.

So here is the list of what got done:
  • Volume settings are now located in Settings!
  • Chat got improved, it is transparent and you can click through it so you can see what people are saying without opening the chat.
  • Chat hotkey is C, no need to have to click the icon.
  • Icebreaker alternative shot (#2) got improved.
  • Damage balancing on Icebreaker and Sludge.
  • New shadows on text, more obvious ones.
  • Barrier works again!
  • Tooltips added to Play menu.
  • Font changes, everything to bigger again, and some buttons also got bigger.
  • Profile is added to chat messages, so you don't have to look for them in the user list or if they leave.
  • Added more icons.
  • Queue system got improved and fixed minor bugs with it.
  • Practice mode got tweaked.
  • New loading page and bar!

Have fun!
Posted by rgk on 06/30/16 at 22:09:27. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.2.4

Closer and closer we get!
So one of the main things I have been hearing complaints about was the Queue system. It was simple to say the least.
That all changed now!

Overall everything got bigger, some balancing and general a better gaming experience!

  • Persistent Queue, now when you click queue it searches for a while.
  • If two people are queuing it will just create a match.
  • Mobile friendly fields, everything on the game got a bit bigger.
  • Practice mode improvements, like fixed wind, no more movement and quite a few bugs fixes / changes.
  • New error handler, 404s bring it.
  • New camera logic, its better.
  • Upgraded to Pug.
  • Balancing moves and bug fixes like Geddon's number two shot getting nerfed.

Posted by rgk on 06/27/16 at 05:30:43. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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