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AerialDrop v0.5.6

Graphic intense!
So quite a few enhancements visually have happened to the website. Some other cool things happened with the minimap and so on.

  • New animated space background on the website.
  • Visual update to the modals.
  • Updated pbot with a name and health amount, which is 1000.
  • Updated minimap to show map destruction.
  • Minimap now highlights camera viewport.
  • Optimized minimap.
  • Notifications get deleted when you click any part of the page.
  • Text inputs shrink and grow depending on your browser size.
  • Loading bar for website, mainly for new space background effect.
  • Quite a few minor padding / margin changes and minor color tweaks to underlines / borders.
  • Updated to Phaser CE 2.7.1
  • Updated the in-game menu alignment for current settings.
  • New carousel images, and no more text for each image.
  • Updated credits with new libaries, like the space background.

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AerialDrop v0.5.5

Faster and smoother gameplay!
Took awhile to release this because I kept wanting to add more and had work. Hopefully I have all the features correct, might be missing a few minor things.

  • Phaser 2.7.0 (aka Phaser CE)
  • Added mech explosions when they get killed.
  • Synced and improved special point consistency.
  • Increased the damage implosions do.
  • Added pbots to sandbox.
  • New barrier.
  • Numerous optimizations.
  • Nicer profiles.
  • Nicer play button.
  • Nicer modals.
  • Special defaults to 200 now.
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Total damage is now recorded on the result screen.
  • Updated Geddon's look.
  • Reduced the intensity of the flash on bullet impact.
  • Improved form validation.

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AerialDrop v0.5.4

Data and More!
A smaller then normal update as of lately, but it had some really nice additions that just make the game feel solid.

  • Chat now shows exactly how much damage you just did.
  • New identification of what power you used last shot, in form of a red tick mark.
  • Updated bombards number two shot to have more spread.
  • Increased header font-sizes.
  • Increased the amount of combos Geddon and Icebreaker have by breaking up and slightly nerfing their ultimate shots.
  • Pbots now show on the minimap during practice mode.
  • Tweened score screen, looks better.
  • Added more meta tags for mobile support.
  • Bunch of server upgrades for stuff like node-sass

We are nearing a beta release, if anyone would like to review AerialDrop, please contact me.

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AerialDrop v0.5.3

Cool effects and rematches!
New President, new update...

  • Wind controlled particle effects!
  • Fixed camera grab on desktop so it doesn't get stuck to your pointer if you right click.
  • Add rematch feature.
  • Optimized particle effects!
  • Low setting now disabled more particle effects.
  • Barrier and teleport effects have been updated.
  • Optimized and visually improved all map particle effects like rain etc...
  • Updated rank page, looks nicer and better format.
  • Smoother tweens after a bullet explodes.
  • Nicer notification tweens.
  • Updated a bunch of server packages and node.js itself.

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AerialDrop v0.5.2

New effects and feel!
New release and a bunch of nice looking features, AerialDrop just keeps looking better!

  • New Scrollbar! (Webkit Browsers Only)
  • New error / warning manager and logging.
  • New barrier effect!
  • Nicer teleport effect using blend effects.
  • Nicer smoke trail effect using blend effects.
  • Nicer explosion circles using blend effects.
  • Nicer explosion with dark smoke and blend effects.
  • Optimized fireworks.
  • Updated controls about shooting.
  • Guest accounts work differently, it starts with sandbox mode and moves you into a match if available.
  • More server optimization specifically with only using asynchronous functions.
  • Node-sass upgrades.

Make sure to clear your cache if you have played before.

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AerialDrop v0.5.1

New accessories and flare!
So small but nice update here:

  • New accessories!
  • Updated explosion and teleport effect.
  • Userlist no longer shows until chat is prompt.
  • Barrier label updated.
  • Chat now shows which specific shot you shot.
  • Fireworks got improved.
  • Updated manual with information about accessories.
  • Server optimization.


We are looking at a 0.6.0 BETA release!
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