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AerialDrop v0.3.9

Tutorial and bug fixes!
I kept telling myself to work on a tutorial, and I have pushed it off long enough. We now have a in-game tutorial!
It is currently under Practice and it will be shown to new signups.

Also a few bugs popped up that needed to be squashed, oh and a new drop effect!

  • In-game tutorial.
  • New drop effect during the start of the match.
  • Attacks are no longer clickable if you don't have enough special points.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Updated controls on menu, specifically hotkeys.
  • The scorecard is now fixed, before it was delayed on the stats.
  • Optimized the game a lot! It should work on most mobile devices now.

Enjoy! v0.4 will be coming with accessories!
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AerialDrop v0.3.8

Aiming improved and more!
I put a lotof time into making a nice aiming system, and hopefully it works out. As normal it comes with a few extras!

  • New aim arrow and aim assists.
  • Health upgrades are now shown on the cards after a +
  • Bombard sprite got updated.
  • Barrier username and health are now centered.
  • Faster tween animations to speed up the non-interactive part of the game.

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AerialDrop v0.3.7

Some minor nice changes.
So a bunch of little things needed to be done, and hopefully AerialDrop will be working better on mobile. It works amazing on the iPhone 7! (yeah what doesn't?)

  • Distance is now shown on the arrows.
  • Updated graphics for the 1,2 and U buttons.
  • More optimizations.
  • Updated Stormbolt's cloud and body.
  • Slightly slowed how quick you drop.
  • Centered username and messages above the mech.
  • Changed the color of the don't have enough special points alert to purple.
  • Defaults to 1 shot, after you shoot.

Posted by rgk on 09/17/16 at 00:46:14. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.3.6

All the new art is updated!
So there was a few legacy images around the website and I decided to dynamically make each sprite like how they are put together in the game, in CSS.

So everything should be more consistent, I also used more variables on static data like health which will guarantee everywhere you see it, its correct.

  • New updated sprites are everywhere! (About page, Garage, Selection Screen etc...)
  • Icebreaker tread was updated.
  • Updated how health is handled.
  • Optimized explosions and particles.
  • Mechs drop faster, much faster.
  • Updated the server like PostgreSQL.
  • Fixed the leaving message to fit a 16 character username.
  • Score now shows when you hit someone, like damage.

Posted by rgk on 09/14/16 at 16:48:33. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.3.5

So not many updates come with a long list of future updates, but this one does.

We separated the movement from the mech body. This allows us to have two different animations for moving and damage / idle animation.
We are also adding accessories in the next upgrade and changing the Garage drastically.

  • New mech graphics and sizes.
  • Changed hitbox calculations slightly to be more consistent on slopes.
  • Changed all mechs health slightly.
  • Optimized and organized code.
  • Sync more information for more fluid game play.
  • Increased upgrade costs.

Posted by rgk on 09/10/16 at 22:57:43. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.3.4

Usability upgrade!
So a quick update, and this comes with ease of use in mind.

The chat just works better now, you click Enter and when you hit Enter again it goes back to the game, allowing for input again or to go back to chat for a second message via Enter.

Also you can now drag the camera by clicking and dragging.

  • More fluid chat.
  • Camera drag.
  • Fixed list join so it doesn't show on matches that are full.
  • Upgraded the cards once again.
  • New arrow.
  • Shooting now works by holding down the spacebar and when you let go it shoots.
  • Minor optimizations to make the game run a bit faster.
  • Upgraded node.js

Posted by rgk on 09/04/16 at 01:11:18. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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