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AerialDrop v0.1

Alpha isn't better then beta but oh well.
So I thought beta was a bit of a jump, since our alpha phase was pretty quick (5 months?). We went back to the drawing board, and really got a the game cleaned up. Mostly UI features look nicer but a bunch of things have changed.

  • We now have 6 specialty moves, play to check them out! [ Barrier / Bunker / Double Shot / Heal / Teleport / Wind Change ]
  • Hit boxes got much better, now your not going to do a lot of damage on a near miss shot.
  • Damage and health got completely revamped, shots now do more damage the faster they are moving.
  • This means more health, bigger damage numbers and slightly longer games if you can't aim.
  • Want to know how your doing? We got stats now, basic stats but simple stuff like win / lose ratio.
  • Optimization! Way better performance, mobile has been tested pretty well and its fluid. Main issues consist of connection problems. (phones that work with no problems are iPhone 6 and newer w/ chrome | Samsung S5 and newer w/ chrome. Some older phones may have performance issues.)

And did I mention AerialDrop just looks nicer now?

A lot of back-end stuff happened, I don't need to talk about that here but its good news, stuff like stronger password encryption ( not that we weren't already using bcrypt ), more secure game-play, less bugs (like your turn randomly skipping).

So enjoy and try AerialDrop out while its still alpha so you can be that hipster that said you played that before anyone else, because beta isn't cool enough for you.
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AerialDrop v0.

So what happened?
So we went about getting AerialDrop into beta phase back in August, but a few problems arose.

Some of the positives consisted of the game testing well, the server performed well but here was the problem. We were only testing with about 10 people and we had numerous issues with the navigation on the game. People would also get bored waiting for games to start and would just leave.

So we came to the conclusion that we need to get this game way closer to a finished product before we release it. And thus dawned on us that creating a online game is quite a difficult project. With most of the game done, we decided to put most of the main features on hold. I had some contract work to continue on and it gave me some time to get the feel for the game.

Since then we have updated the look of the game quite a bit, and did some minor optimizations. We currently have a new move called teleport and will be featuring 5 more. The responsiveness and mobile feel is exactly where I want it to be. We created a nicer navigation and made it easier to navigate matches.

So my question is: What would you be interested in seeing in AerialDrop or what would you change?

Before we move to beta we will be cleaning up a lot of things like the waiting room and we will make sure to get team play working. A lot is on the list for AerialDrop but the game is basically done, we also are considering a major art upgrade.
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MadGizmo Day 2015

So 10 years later, we got a game out and its about to go beta!

AerialDrop is our great news this MadGizmo Day!

It will be going beta later today and well thats about all. I'll be posting about the game later when that happens.

Have a good MadGizmo Day, enjoy the summer and play some AerialDrop!
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AerialDrop v0.0.9.9

Most features done, optimizations and art are in process.
Every time I write about a release, I like to make sure we did something major. And well, here I go!

So now AerialDrop is featuring huge maps! You can move the camera horizontally with the arrow keys and you can't always see everyone on the field. This is mainly so we can fit larger matches, which comes to my second feature.

We are now offering modes! Teams are still in the works, but that should be soon. We currently offer 1vs1 and 2vs2!

Next feature on the list is more technical but still awesome, when you go up a slope the mech properly changes its angle to drive up the slope instead of looking like it was just using an elevator!

We also added a lot of optimizations, upgraded to Phaser 2.4.2 and currently updating the art!

We are releasing beta on August 7th! So help us test!!!
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AerialDrop v0.0.9.6

A more mature game.
So about a month has passed. We have been working hard and we now have most of the features we were looking for!

AerialDrop now features all the normal CMS features you would expect, like changing your password, forgetting your password and email stuff. You now a signup email and obviously emails relating to the forgot password verification. We also updated the about page to feature way more information about each mech and the game.

Each tank now features different moves and we also offer a few maps.

Money (BP) and XP are rewarded for finishing a match which will later be used for skins and ranks.

Most importantly the hit-box dynamics have changed drastically, allowing for shots to do a range of damage depending on the accuracy of the shot.

The game also including a pause/quit game menu and quite a lot of optimization and basic volume controls.

We will continue working and making the game overall more enjoyable, enjoy!
Posted by rgk on 06/10/15 at 06:23:23. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

AerialDrop v0.0.9

First Public Release of AerialDrop
I'm glad to finally announce AerialDrop. This is our first finished game to date, and hopefully the first of many.
AerialDrop is going to be constantly updated and changed, offering seasonal competitions and themes.


AerialDrop is a round based artillery game. It is desktop and completely mobile friendly, but requires a somewhat decent device.
Other requirements include a Modern Browser (like new releases of Chrome), a web socket enabled browser, and obviously a JavaScript enabled browser.

The game is coded with Express as a web framework, a Node.js server, Phaser for the game engine, Primus for a real-time framework and Sequelize for an ORM to use with PostgreSQL.
The game is reasonably lightweight as we want to cater to the mobile market.

Currently it supports 1v1 game play and we want people to test it out! AerialDrop could use a stress test!

It offers 6 bots, changeable earth, chat, wind change, and a consistent online experience.
The desktop controls are arrow keys and space bar, while the mobile buttons are present on the screen.

The signup is also easy and everything is encrypted so don't worry! No need to verify email yet.

The game goes beta at v0.1, currently it is in alpha.
Posted by rgk on 05/09/15 at 23:41:28. create pdf of this news item printer friendly

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