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AerialDrop v0.3.1

Mini-map and more!
So quick update here, but its needed.

Added a mini-map to the screen and moved the old screen data to the scorecard.

  • Added Mini-map!
  • Updated Phaser.
  • Started using PM2.
  • Nerfed Icebreakers and Stormbolts #2.
  • Added more data to the scorecard!
  • Updated Boostrap tour.
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AerialDrop v0.3.0

Guest accounts!
So something people have been saying for awhile now is that AerialDrop needed a quick way to just play.
I really didn't want to do that, as I thought signing up was simple enough and I have certain aspects of security setup that made it difficult.

Well we came to the conclusion that it is something we really needed to do and I spent the day doing just that.

We have guest accounts now! So play!

Here is the update list:
  • Guest Accounts!
  • Fixed Icebreakers Ultimate, visually and nerfed.
  • Scorecard which gives more detailed information, on desktop it is enabled by holding F, on mobile you touch the background (not HUD).
  • Server updates like Node.js.
  • More visual updates specifically to fonts I forgot in the last update.
  • Fixed 4vs4 win logic and fixed the result logic in general.
  • Updated landing page
  • Updated about page and manual..
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AerialDrop v0.2.9

New HUD and more +++
So v0.2.9 is finally here. It took awhile because I really wanted to make sure the HUD was done, and while that was being worked on, I had extra time to work on a lot of other aspects of the game, specifically visual.

We also have a quick tour of AerialDrop for new users now! A tutorial in-game is coming soon!

  • UI tutorial.
  • New Font Effects!
  • Updated a bunch of server parts.
  • Navbar added to more pages.
  • Play menu is fixed for mobile.
  • Rank page now features for the first six ranks.
  • New chat announcements when the game gets updated or something is going on.
  • Changed navbar border colors.
  • New HUD!
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Yup, 2005 has been 11 years ago...
MadGizmo Day 10!

So yeah, play AerialDrop, have a good day, and remember we ain't going nowhere.
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AerialDrop Ad

Snazzy stuff.
Check it out, print it if you want!
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AerialDrop v0.2.8

Explosions, implosions and cool menus!
Not the biggest list but big changes!

  • In-game menu looks a lot nicer.
  • The volume settings now fit on really small screens.
  • The play menu has been reorganized, looks much nicer.
  • Explosions! Its not as hard to do damage, as the explosion gives you some range now
  • First timers get greeted with a message on where to go to learn how to play.
  • Updated Bootstrap and to jQuery 3.

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