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AerialDrop v0.0.9

First Public Release of AerialDrop
I'm glad to finally announce AerialDrop. This is our first finished game to date, and hopefully the first of many.
AerialDrop is going to be constantly updated and changed, offering seasonal competitions and themes.


AerialDrop is a round based artillery game. It is desktop and completely mobile friendly, but requires a somewhat decent device.
Other requirements include a Modern Browser (like new releases of Chrome), a web socket enabled browser, and obviously a JavaScript enabled browser.

The game is coded with a Node.js server, Express as a web framework, Phaser.io for game engine, Primus.io for a real-time framework and Sequelize for an ORM to use with PostgreSQL.
The game is reasonably lightweight as we want to cater to the mobile market.

Currently it supports 1v1 gameplay and we want people to test it out!
It should support at least 1000 constant connections but it could always use a stress test.

It offers 2 bots (soon to be 6), changeable earth, chat, wind change, and a consistent online experience.
The desktop controls are arrow keys and spacebar, while the mobile buttons are present on the screen.

The signup is also easy and everything is encrypted so don't worry! No need to verify email yet.

The game goes beta at v0.1, currently in alpha.
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Again and again and...
Well here we are, 9 years into MadGizmo.
The biggest update I have project related is:
MGDBA which is fully functional, but might be a little to simple for more complex needs, which I'm woking on!

Otherwise expect a few projects to start bubbling up, we had a few things under wraps for quite some time and with work I've just never been able to finish it all, hopefully more time will be spent here soon!

Have a good summer and enjoy your MADGIZMO DAY! (2014)
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Been a long time since the last news post, but its still beating.
So yeah like 8 years ago this started, and its still going, obviously its mostly for web development work and not unique projects but its still alive.

I decided not to post as much news, and will most likely be cleaning up old news posts.

Enjoy your MGD8.
ps. MadGizmo Day Eight
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Happy Holidays 2012

It's finally here.
Well we survived December 21st...
Now what? I didn't really think past this point, back to the drawing board I guess.

Happy Holidays (and this includes Thanksgiving)
Enjoy the rest of 2012 and remember, life is what you make it.
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MadGizmo Day 2012

The best day of the year!
Yeah so 7 years ago I started this and even though things never go as planned, it survived. (and possibly broke even)
Some people might think that surviving isn't good enough, but no one will ever know how much I have learned while working on MadGizmo. And with this MadGizmo keeps improving, through work and design.

And even though I wish more out of things I can't control, success isn't easy. From the days of screwing up my dedicated server to working with clients and making mistakes. If one thing can be said, giving up isn't worth it.

Check out the Services page if you want to have some quality work done.

The professional era of MadGizmo has begun.

Edit: And finally moved the domains!
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2011 was boring...
I can't believe it's already 2012.

Happy New Year, enjoy.
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